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First things first i wanna say i’m sorry for not being that good on blogging during holidays!

I went home from the house during christmas and New year to celebrate with friends and family and i haven’t even touched either league or a computer.

Holidays was great, alot of time spent on family, partying and alot of super smash.

Also i went to the hospital like 2 times and going there again in a week but after that im free!

Alot of things are waiting for 2015 for me and my team, dont wanna say to much but great things are waiting ahead!

However im tilting in soloque and i’ve been smurfing and im actually on a 19 games winstreak and its some motivation!



However im going to be better at this aswell and i’m going to relese some opionions on the meta, some champs and what i think about RNGcrit on ADC in the following blogs! 🙂

Have a great one, cya around! 🙂

A day in the hospital

Waking up in the morning having strange pain in my balls ended up in the hospital for a day.

Went there with expectantions that i’ll just get told that everything will be ok if i just wait it out. But it ended up in a surgery.

It was really scary, never been like it ever before and being all alone with only nurses. Thankfully Json came and left my gameboy when i woke up and the nurses gave me hot chocolate all night.

It was a really strange day but it feels good being back in the house :3

Leblanc toplane new meta?!

Trying out some new stuff in soloque i figured Leblanc toplane actually works sorta nice. Being able to blast everyone from 100% to about 40% at lvl 3 is amasing in every match up sort off.

Her roaming and lategame damage is out of control and if you play her right she can solo carry whole games. Try it out if you got time over, you will not be disapointed 🙂

3 months in the house!

Around 3 months ago i arrived in the 6 Feet House. It was really execiting for the first time move away from home. From my family, girlfriend and more.

I feel like over the past months i achived alot, both in living away from home and also my in game gameplay. Me myself i’ve never seen myself as a baker but nowdays i enjoy baking stuffs like ”chocolate balls” and chocolate cakes.

I love all the guys im living with and i love my life as it is right now.

Soloque mentality

Playing around 12 games a day soloque sets your emotions into a rollercoster. Me myself im sort of natural in the game but can go on a tilt really fast.
If i win a game and get mega carried i can become realy mad at myself and keep making bad desicions wich can lose the game for my team. I think i lost 4 out of my 6 games only ‘cause of tilt. happy days..

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