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Under the dome!!

Yo guys, now that I’m a bit sick it’s really nice to just relax and watch some episodes of a series and this monday I just started to watch a series called Under the dome!

In my opinion it’s a great series which I recomended strongly :DD

Hopefully I will feel better soon!


And ye Riot finally announced when it’s reset day on the 21 january they gonna reset the ladder and I’m so excited!

You read more about that here if u want =DD

Feeling sick

Starting to feel sick now which sucks because I just got back to the gaminghouse and I almost don’t bother to play soloq atm

I’m almost never sick but I feel so exhausted and my throat hurts, hopefully it will go over soon =//

Will try go to sleep early and get well soon so I can be ready for the ladder reset.

Good night!!


Today it’s 10 days  until we get our ”christmas vacation” and I will be going home to my parents and all my friends to celebrate christmas and new year.

I’m looking forward to that alot, will be really fun to met everyone again since it was around 1 month ago since I was home.

And christmas and new year is always so much fun to be with your friends/family and eat good food and just talk is really nice :))


Infestation survivor stories is a game I recently started with which is a really funny game actually.

It’s a multiplayer survival game, almost like  DayZ which most of the people know what that is.

Me and my friends enjoy it really much and I totaly recommended this game to everyone who enjoys survival games or zombie games.



Have a nice Wednesday :]]

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