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6 Feet Under is an organization founded by E-Sport & Entertainment of Sweden AB. The organization currently consists of two teams. One is for League of Legends and the other is for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Both the teams live in the same amazing gaming house in Linköping, Sweden. Both teams have their own livestream where you can follow them when they practice and compete. All players also have their own section in our mutual blog where they post daily.



The League of Legends team concists of the following players:




The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team concists of the following players:




Our epic gaming house is located in Linköping, Sweden. The house is divided into 3 floors with a total of nearly 600 square metres. We have a huge yard equipped with a swimming pool, soccer field and more. Inside we have 2 gaming areas on seperate floors. One for League of Legends and the other one for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Among other thigs we also have 2 fireplaces, 5 bathrooms, 2 different saunas and an awesome kitchen equipped with everything you can possibly need.




Both our gaming areas are fully and heavily equipped with some of the best and latest hardware. Together with the following companies we have combined design and power to make sure we get the maximum performance and prestanda:


Heat Gaming

Heat Gaming is a series of high-performance gaming computers. All our players are equipped with one of those.



Arozzi is company that builds gaming chairs in the spirit of Esports. With ergonomic design and high levels of comfort you always play like a boss.


Attitude One

Attitude One produces high quality gaming gear in the forms of mice, headsets, keyboards and mousepads that are on top of the line.



Tesoro is high tech gear manufacturer that strives to develop the world best gaming gear to truly improve your gaming experience.





When it comes to live streaming it is all about the experience. We have made sure that you are getting such a good and vivid experience as possible and we have managed to create a stream unlike you have ever seen before on this level. Follow our Twitch pages to get notified when start a broadcast and not miss out on any of the fun.



League of Legends

Click here to check out the stream. You can follow the team when they play team ranked or play official matches.


CS: Global Offensive

Click here to check out the stream. You can follow the team when they practice or play matchmade games.



We want to interact with our fans on a whole new leven and give them an awesome experience. We will have a whole lot of giveaways on both our stream and Facebook page. We will also have all kinds of viewer games and other types of competitions and events.

Be sure to like our Facebook so you don’t miss any of the upcoming action


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